Leadership in corporate, government & society as a whole becomes more effective through the promotion of diversity & inclusion.
Families are more harmonious because partners are more supportive of each other. Women, men, girls & boys are given equal opportunities.
Creates a respectful culture that is inclusive & non-violent.
Increases effectiveness of government policies & processes by being responsive different groups & their needs.
If men & women were given equal opportunities,
26% could be added to the global annual GPD by 2025.
(Source: McKinsey & Company)
Value women's and men's contributions equality
Support Organizations & Campaigns that promote Gender Equality
Women's Empowerment & Leadership Programme (WEL)
Elimate Gender Bias & Discrimination
Call For Gender-Based Leadership
Speak to your friends, loved ones & colleagues about Gender Quality
Help women and girls achieve their ambitions.
//set your background image UPSKILLING ADVOCATE AWARENESS SUBSTANTIVE EQUALITY, GOOD GOVERNANCE & SOCIAL JUSTICE EXISTING & POTENTIAL WOMEN LEADERS WOMEN'S LEADERSHIP & POLITICAL PARTICIPATION FOR WOMEN'S ACCESS TO RESOURCES & RIGHTS AWARENESS ADVOCATE TO ENGAGING ARTS LOCAL GOVT. STATE GOVT. YOUNG PEOPLE MEN ENHANCING PARTNERSHIPS /* orange hover */ Enhance the understanding, practical skills, capacity and support networks of decision makers, existing and potential women leaders, and local community representatives from different levels Mainstream gender into key policies, programmes and practices of the different sectors, and to transform the necessary structures and culture through advocacy, capacity development and strategic partnerships /* orange hover end */ WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT & LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME WOMEN'S CAPACITIES MAINSTREAMING & RAISING AWARENESS OF GENDER Realising Equality Together Through Strategic Networking, Smart Partnership & Community Engagement (Click Gears For More Info)